Go For Impact

In-Home Advertising

Independant research agencies showed that
Direct Mail campaigns deliver positive ROI.

People just love receiving mail


enjoys the moment when receiving and reading mail.


increase of ‘motivation response’ when use of multiple senses in DM


of customers remembers the content of the Direct Mail for 9 days

Go for Green

FSC-or PEFC label Low weight
Be Proud about your choices


Even delivery with 2.976 electrical bikes .


Impact at people’s home

In-Home Advertising is the ideal medium to create impact. The message arrives at the heart of the home, the place where all decisions about the household are being taken. The target audience will receive relevant commercial information without being intrusive. It creates a qualitative contact with emotional value. Mail stimulates respons, an important step into achieving the objectives.


of all Belgians opens their mailbox every day.


of all Belgians declare having reacted
on a Direct Mail the last 3 months

Bron: Paper Reach Survey, Profacts, 2020

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