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June 7, 2024


2023, Addressed, Prospecting

Objective Campaign

4 times a year the Red Cross sends a magazine to its generous members to show what it achieves. The 3rd magazine was sent out in September 2023, at the same time as the terrible earthquake in Morocco.

The primary objective of the campaign is to generate donations.
The aim is also that the Red Cross is present alongside vulnerable people and that the money donated helps them in a practical way

Strategy & Execution

By sending this magazine they are showing their members what the Red Cross can do with donations. By showing them what is happening, by touching their hearts, they encourage them to make a financial donation.

Reason Best Practice

  • 82% of campaign recall & 5min of average reading duration. This demonstrates the strength of the magazine, the strength of the message, the strength of reaching out to existing customers via paper mail.
  • Following the magazine, the Red Cross raised no less than €291,158 to help the most vulnerable.
  • 51% of readers intented to make a donation. 


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