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Best of In-Home shares inspiration & knowledge about the best use of Direct Mail touchpoints by showing the best campaigns in Belgium that created impact by reaching their target groups through the letterbox. In-Home Advertising is the ideal medium to create impact. The message arrives at the heart of the home, the place where all decisions about the household are being taken. The target audience will receive relevant commercial information without being intrusive. It creates a qualitative contact with emotional value. Mail stimulates response, an important step into achieving the objectives.

Addressed & Non-addressed

It is important to distinguish the use of addressed and non-addressed mail:

  •  ADDRESSED DIRECT MAIL:  Those Campaigns effectively use the extern & intern databases & tools in order to address messages to inform, inspire and activate potential customers in an effective way. These campaigns rely on the power of direct mail that lies in the endless personalization possibilities, which you can enhance with a touch of creativity.
  • DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGNS: Some Door-to-Door Distribution Campaigns are as simple as effective. They use impactful flyers or brochures to make a difference within the personal space of the letterbox.

Criteria for the evaluation

The partners of the Be-Inspired platform submit their most exemplary campaigns of the last months to the evaluation of the jury.

Selection criteria: what makes a campaign an inspiring best practices’ case?

Case selection was done based on 2 main criteria:

Efficiency: campaigns that put into practice all resources and assets of IHA in such a way that campaign efficiency can be proven. It should be highlighted by measurement of relevant KPI’s (communication or business impact) and results of research.  They are not always best in class in terms of innovation, but their total approach, from strategy to the implementation is noticeable and is proven effective

Inspiration: this category rewards cases which are ‘role models’ for this media, meaning an interesting exploitation of the possibilities offered by direct mail or door-to-door allowing to break through the communication clutter: targeting technique, segmentation and personalisation for a better audience involvement, campaign design & copy, creative use of paper, campaign integration, …

The categories

The Best of In-Home intends to reward inspiring campaigns in In-Home Advertising (addressed or unaddressed), making the most out of the media specificities.  The In-Home Advertising Campaigns are evaluated within 4 categories:

Prospection: campaigns focusing on the acquisition of new customers.  They are based on the use of non-customer databases (internal or external) or on mass targeting (national, geo distribution)

Customer activation: campaigns focusing on cross-selling, up-selling or win-back objectives.  Those campaigns are targeted to existing customers

Relational: campaigns aiming at reinforcing the relation between the brand and/or institution and the target

Informational: campaigns aiming at further explain and inform targets on a product or service, as key preliminary element driving to action.  Mostly integrated in global campaign



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