Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Galler launched a new product. To boost their trial, awareness & reach they started a communication to their existing database through e-mail. Where their clients could send a thank you DM with 2 samples of the new product to their friends and beloved ones.

Raise awareness on the launch   of the new Galler product, ‘Rawetes’

Stimulate trial on the new product.

Strategy & Execution

– A Direct Mail campaign with a MGM postcard + sample communication. From their existing database an e-mail had been send with opportunity to send out a postcard to your dearest.

– An added sample with the DM is an interesting move to increase curiosity, urge & intensity of opening. Perfect way to boost your opening rate & trial!

– This MGM campaign helps Galler to attract new possible customers as well as to enlarge the target group (even for a next communication).

Reason Best Practice

– With the help of a MGM campaign. They where able to enlarge their potential HH with 12% (started with e-mail from an own database of 130K clients). 15.000 HH got in touch with the DM of Galler.

– By first sending out an e-mailing to existing clients, with the offer that they can send out some chocolates to their dear ones. 15K DMs where send out in less than 8 hours and so 15K new HHs had the opportunity to taste the new product of Galler. Other online platforms (social) hadn’t been even needed to sell out all 15K DMs.

– A simple MBM postcard accompanied with a sample makes that 15K HHs could taste their new product. The perfect push to get trial, another reason that smart and  simple marketing still work.

The Eye of the Expert

“What better way than let them taste your product immediately @ home together with a personal message of a dear one.“