Europ Assistance Medical Services campaign

Campaign Objectives

– Raise awareness on the new medical assistance service
– Explain the different elements or services
– Get the addressees to subscribe to the medical assistance service

Media Characteristics

A direct mailing with different elements was sent with an introduction letter summing up the advantages and a promotional offer (-25%).
– A 1st leaflet explaining the different advantages, each advantage symbolized by a medicine or medical device (e.g., bandage).
– A 2nd leaflet looking like a medical cabinet containing the different medicines or medical devices; each item represents an advantage/element of the medical assistance.
The DM was supported by an online video and social media campaign.

Reason Best Practice

The campaign theme for medical assistance and medical support is emphasized by the usage of medical pictograms and the images in a medical setting.

These graphical elements are used in the overall DM making it consistent
The fact that 3 different propositions are offered makes that each reader feels him or her personally addressed.