Fluvius Rebranding campaign

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Post date

January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Repositioning – Introducing New Name FLuvius to large audience (Name switch form Infrax and Eandis into FLuvius)


Media Characteristics

TV, Radio, Newspapers,
Door to door & E-mail

Call to actions:
“Heeft u de sticker die u heeft ontvangen op uw electriciteitskast/gasbrander gekleefd?”
“Is voor de ontvanger de boodschap duidelijk dat de naam van Eandis/Infrax gewijzigd is naar Fluvius”?

Are people aware of the name change?
Did they put the sticker on their electricity board?

Reason best Practice

Eye-catching but straightforward material that is repeated several times through postcards.

4 Out of 10 have pasted the sticker.



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