Fairebel Awareness campaign

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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

The objective of this campaign was increasing awareness. Reach is important, but on a selective targetgroup. Besides awareness, increasing sales kept an important KPI.


Media Characteristics

This Fairebel campaign has been targetted very specific and selective on socio-demo, knowing this was a D2D campaign. Besides informing the people about Fairebel and raise their awareness, people were offered a free 1L bottle of milk.


Reason best Practice

Fairebel is a high involvement brand.
Better performance of folder in rural area – but close to Urban areas(always with highest score in Bio and Fairtrade selectivity)

Ex-clients have a extreme high intention to buy + 60 %

High volume of unaware prospects – questions the existing branding strategy.
High reading time 3 Min – 30 confirms the interest in the concept – (+25 % vs a famous brand )



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