LU Luve letters campaign

Best practices

Best of Inhome

Post date

January 8, 2024


2021, Prospecting

Objective Campaign

Awareness on Lu moelleux

Image building & branding

Strategy & Execution

Started as an online campaign that ended into an offline execution with the help of Bpost.
Due to COVID an alternative for instore tastings needed to be found. The best, closest and strongest alternative was DM by using a personalized box where you could see the newest moelleux of LU.

Reason best Practice

Smart way of combining several objectives; awareness with the help of ‘sampling’ and image building/branding by offering people a way to thank their dearest during valentine.

The Eye of the Expert

This shows the diversity of DM. The action started as a pure online campaign but ended into an offline execution. I love to see how perfectly DM can add an extra layer in a online world. It proofs again that DM can work perfectly within an online campaign. We go from pure online to offline and to online again. Because people luve 😉 to receive gifs. Which in turn will make them take a picture with their surprise and then post it online.



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