Minimax – Watertest campaign

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Demographic , regions FR
Prospects | Home owners SelectPost

– Acquisition
– Awareness, brand awareness. not many people know the brand before receiving the mailing.
– Inform people, let them test out their water hardness + drive to website or fill in the coupon.

Strategy & Execution

Distribution only in the French speaking part of Belgium, Using selectpost data.
This had been part of a mediamix, for example during that period there was also a radio campaign on air.
The use of a selfmailer with a very interesting feature, the sample as a water tester. With the sample they could test immediately there water hardness.
By making use of the sample, Minimax tries to convince people to test out and to book a appointment with an Minimax expert, in case their water has a high level of hardness.

Reason Best Practice

Campaign scores above benchmark, across the majority of KPI’s.
Recal; 72% vs 61% benchmark.
Intent to act; 26% vs 16% benchmark.
There has been an elevated intent to use the water tester sample (65% of the panel)→this shows that samples do benefit your intent to act (most certainly in this case).

Other details from barometer:
low awareness before campaign and still a high recall (72% vs 61% benchmark).
High read conversion (72% vs 43% benchmark)
High pre sales (26% vs 14% benchmark) and even sales (5% vs 3% benchmark.