U Antwerpen – End of Year campaign

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January 8, 2024


2021, Relational

Objective Campaign

Students and professors

The University of Antwerp wanted to send a Christmas message to their students and professors in the form of a virtual reality message in this very unusual covid year


Strategy & Execution

Reason best Practice

This mailing is such a warm idea. As it isn’t possible in this pandemic times to meet eachother, U Antwerp has chosen to send a virtual reality message to their students and professors.
It is funny, heartwarming and relevant.
By sending this message through a paper mail, making it possible to see the rector through a prism in the form of a hologram, makes it as if the rector is in your own home. As close as it gets in this strange times.
The message is very suporting

Katrien Merckx
Relationship & Sales Manager Communication Agencies.



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