Maerten & Partners

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Maerten & Partners helps to find that unique interim or project manager who perfects a team and even boosts the team’s overall performance.

Get on the radar screen of business prospects in a non-intrusive way.
Have an introduction meeting with them to explain the services and way of   working, and to verify where we can be of help for them

Strategy & Execution

– A box of color pencils, in which the orange one is missing, is sent by DM to the prospect with a cover letter, explaining the link between the set of pencils the service offering.
– +/- 2 weeks after sending the box, a Maerten & Partners representative contacts the receiver to schedule an introduction meeting.
– The missing orange pencil is sent by DM to the prospect after the online introduction meeting.  

Reason Best Practice

– 381 sets were sent
– 89 introduction meetings were scheduled

– 365 sets were sent
– 91 introduction meetings were scheduled

The Eye of the Expert

“Even though we are clearly in a digital age, the strength of our campaign lies in its physical character”