Delhaize Wine Festival

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Delhaize wanted a new approach to communicate about their ‘wijnfestival’ & stood out with their special envelope & personalized, bottle chaped communication

Raise awareness on the Delhaize wijnfestival
Drive people to store (promo buying wine) & to web (online wine folder)

Strategy & Execution

– A personalized Direct Mail
– Targeted to existing clients & wine lovers
– A store visit invitation supported by exclusive discounts through QR code
– Drive to web – to download online brochure

Reason Best Practice

– Using the first name of the client is a simple yet catchy touch to this DM. Who doesn’t want to have a bottle of wine with his name on it
– Clients & wine lovers are driven to store with special discounts and unique opportunity to buy all sorts of wines at a cheap price
– Through a QR code the clients are asked to download the online wine folder.