Belisol Birthday Activation

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
For its 45th birthday Belisol launched a campaign including Paper Mail to celebrate this event together with its loyal clients.

Emphasize the 45th birthday of Belisol through the trustworthiness of the products
Activate clients through social media to extend the campaign and generate extra reach

Strategy & Execution

– Multichannel campaign with online and radio
– Target group: existing clients 25_60 y.o. planning to renovate or build
– Social media activation: share a picture of your decorated building façade and win prizes

Reason Best Practice

– Paper Mail positively surprises the recipient, especially when you let him participate in your birthday activation and add a festive touch.
– Use the quality of your products, your service and warranty to create trust together with your customer satisfaction. Let them take pictures of your products sharing them on social media
– Adding a social media layer to the campaign adds extra reach and extends the duration, your clients will become your ambassadors and spread your message.