Carrefour Loyalty

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Everyone knows it : attracting a new customer can cost five times as much as keeping an existing one ! 
People want to be rewarded for their loyalty and carrefour has understood that loyal customers are the key to success.

Loyalty :
Thanking loyal customers, taking care of them.

  Raise consideration :
  Show that Carrefour gives an important place to their customers (that creates a positive image of Carrefour).

  Maintenance of the Share Of Wallet & drive to store thanks the “point bonus” & vouchers.

Strategy & Execution

– Position the customer as a VIP, give her/him importance

– Give a loyalty card and specific vouchers to thank them for their loyalty & to drive to store

Reason Best Practice

The way this DM has been realized gives the customers a VIP, an exclusive feeling. The customers feel important not only through the text and the vouchers, but also through the well executed design.

Relationship marketing is essential for a brand. According to the pulse study, 67% of customers expect to be rewarded for their loyalty and in reality, only 31% consider they are. Here Carrefour has understood the importance of taking care of its customers and saying thank you.

Give a loyalty card and specific vouchers to thank bests clients. With a lot of advantages Carrefour give a lot of reasons for the customer to remain loyal the brand. 

The Eye of the Expert

“ Les premiers résultats sont très positifs  et montrent – entre autres – une importante satisfaction client d’être reconnus dans leur fidélité à notre enseigne ”

Victoire de RouvrayHead of Loyalty & CRM Carrefour