KBC Activation

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
In December ‘19, KBC launched ‘Deals’, a platform to retrieve cashbacks when buying at your favourite dealers.
After having converted the easy-reachable clients to Deals via their owned channels in July ’21, KBC was looking for a strategy to raise consideration among the non-converted.

Raise awareness & consideration on the Deals offer among KBC Mobile users
Stimulate users to activate Deals in their KBC Mobile app  

Strategy & Execution

– Follow up multiple email & in-app communications with a convincing Paper Mail
– Get the KBC Deals offer (literally) in the hands of KBC Mobile users
– Raise consideration by highlighting popular ‘Deals’ benefits 

Reason Best Practice

QR codes drive conversion: 2,3% QR code scans
+50% of new Paper Mail Deals users activate via QR code pathway 

Paper Mail remains active in the heart of the home for multiple weeks
Conversion after 1w: 3,9%, after 2w: 4,6%

€53.000 profit for KBC in the long run
€1 = €3,6 long term return for every € invested in Paper Mail