Bebat Battery Recycling campaign

Campaign Objectives

Target audience: all Belgians 18+
– Increase awareness around Bebat.
– Increase consideration to collect and recycle batteries.

Strategy & Execution

Main goal was to inform the Belgian population about Bebat , the collection points and to help them to collect and store used batteries.

Two big national media campaigns including door-to-door mailing, TV, radio and OOH were set up with included CTA to bring the used batteries to a recycling point.

Reason Best Practice

– The Barometer post campaign results show that the recall rate has increased to 74% in April 2020 vs. 64% in Oct. 2019, this rate is also significantly higher for the NL part (80%) compared to the FR part (70%) during the last wave.
We also see that the intention to act has increased during the 2nd wave in 2020: 72% of the readers vs. 39% in Oct. 2019.
We can conclude that facilitating the objective (collect & recycle) with a plastic bag or cardboard box leads to positive results; 94% (April) and 98% (Oct.) of all readers intends to bring batteries to the collection point.