Mr Georges Opmerkelijk

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Mr. George opened a shop in shop with handpicked quality food @ Delhaize Keerbergen and wanted the neighbors to know.

Raise awareness on new store opening and
Drive people to new store  

Strategy & Execution

– A door to door campaign, with a Direct Mail character
– A handwritten postcard to create an intimate connection with the neighbors
– A store visit invitation supported by a free tasting

Reason Best Practice

Although non-addressed, the campaign feels personal. By sending this through the letterbox, you create an immediate connection.

The handwritten font and simulated stamp gives the receiver the idea Mr. Georges is a friend. Some receivers even came to thank Mr. Georges with their postcard in hand.

A simple postcard with tasty pictures does the job perfectly.

The Eye of the Expert

“A perfectly executed door to door campaign, creating intimacy and authenticity while our mouths water”