Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
Beobank wanted strengthen the proximity between the local banking offices and their client & prospects. Show people that a local and trusted partner is important today within the banking sector.

Raise awareness on the products & benfits of Beobank + how close there is an office
Drive to shop; this DM serves as push to convince people to make a visit to the Beobank offices

Strategy & Execution

– The campaign started with a social campaign. To strengthen the awareness, they added in a second stage a D2D campaign. This brings the products and USP’s of Beobank under the spotlights.
– They made use of the D2D in most smartest way. D2D is mostly used for their reach. The big difference in here is that they used D2D for the reach but added a layer of proximity by personalising their folder determined by the geolocality of the banks.
Every bank has a personal touch this way, because they used every time the photos and details of that particular local office. 

Reason Best Practice

– By personalizing and by giving you D2D a face you become tangible and trusted. A mass communication becomes personal just by showing a photo and details of your contact persons.
– The hybrid solution, where you mix and match offline with online, shows that it creates a good synergy. Paper can be a strong added value to your digital strategy. From an online start to an offline execution
– A product that is used for reach and as a more global communication, gets a local touch. Every D2D has been personalized with the pictures and details of every specific Beobank office on geo-local base.

The Eye of the Expert

“How D2D that is used for reach & awareness, can still be very strong in proximity. When you use it the right way, D2D can be very versatile and become on a more personal level. This campaign shows it very well.”
Fréderik Wautraets