Lola & Liza

Campaign Objectives

Target audience:
L&L wants to position itself as the brand that has been accompanying women for over 20 years and that adapts to different morphologies. L&L Empowers women in their feminity.

Raise awareness & brand positioning to acquire new clients
Drive to store & drive to web

Strategy & Execution

– Promotion of a specific collection with a plus size ambassador
– Inspirationnal content
– Send a paper mail and continue the conversation by email

Reason Best Practice

“Chez LolaLiza on vous aime toutes”.
This is a beautiful slogan, but it is applied in reality. L&L is launching a collection available up to size 48 so that every woman can find her perfect outfit. Plus size ambassador Marine Eloy inspires L&L customers, a great example of inclusion.

For this campaign L&L sent a paper mail followed by a reminder email. A very good idea when you know that :
– Starting your campaign with paper mail and having it followed by email leads to 22% more buying intention (<Post NL​)
– 51% of consumers prefer an email/direct mail combination (<RoyalMail – CMO Council and Pitney Bows​)

L&L tested two versions: a version with a 40% discount (valid in shop and online) and a version with a free dress (valid only online with a personal code). L&L feared a rush of free dresses, but in the end the two actions had a similar and nice success.