About Brightfish

Brightfish represents cinema advertising in Belgium and commercialises a wide range of media channels in and around the cinema theaters.

  • Our focus is on our customers
  • Our passion for their brands
  • And our expertise in out-of-home entertainment


Brightfish strives to put brands in the spotlight in a creative and innovative way.
Brightfish brings brands to life through eye-catching, surprising and qualitative media. And that for everyone who wants to communicate impactful, powerful and focused on the active moviegoer.

Our uniqueness

Brightfish is a playful, creative and entertaining brand. Our brand is constantly changing and adapting to its environment. In this way, Brightfish creates unique stories time and time again.
We like to anticipate on trends and focus on novelties and smart, clear ideas within the entertainment media. So we put your brand in the spotlight and guide you through the out-of-home media landscape.


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