La Lorraine – Sac Pain

Campaign Objectives

The campaign objective is to increase sales with an original DM idea. Therefor they send people breadbags to their homes. With those bags they could go to their nearest shops to fill it with a free bread and as so people could get to know their products.

Media Characteristics

Around 20 Carrefour with a radius of 3 to 4 km.
Targeting: high educated , High social class A B1 B2, +45 years old.

A little over 5.000 mailings were send out.

Reason Best Practice

– Brand relationship
– Emotion and Engagement
– Consideration
– Impressive intent to act
– Conversations

Reason Best Practice (cont.)

Brand relationship:
56% of the whole panel doesn’t know La Lorraine which means the brand is not very known
Emotion & engagement:(people who kept the bag)
• 71% have positive emotions by receiving the breadbag
• 11% of people’ s opinion improved and 89% remained their opinion, there is no deterioration on the impact of the brand
Consideration: (whole panel)
• 54% would consider to buy their bread from La Lorraine in the future
Impressive intent to act! (people who kept the bag)
• 71% intend to get the free bread, 6% already did
Conversations: (people who kept the bag)
• 42% will talked about the bag, 24% already did it